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Is computer science Fun (5 facts)

if you’re asking if computer science is fun or not this is the right post for you.

Is computer science fun 

Computer science is fun for people who are passionate about programming and solving technical problems. In addition, the ones who have fun solving problems implement their knowledge in mathematics. On the other hand, computer science can be boring for people who are hating programming or studying mathematics.

so finding computer science fun or boring depends on each one’s interests and orientation.

 You can find some students enjoying programming by sitting for long hours in front of the computer without feeling bored. Because they are passionate and very interested in solving technical problems by compiling codes many times.

On the other hand, you can find all those people who can’t stay for more than half-hour in front of the computer before feeling drained and tired.

what are the funniest things in computer science?

We’re going to discover the 5 interesting fun moments of computer science students and engineers. 

1 – Getting computers to do what you want 

The most interesting and fun thing that you learned in computer science is to translate your idea to reality.  In the first time, you had an idea, but with some knowledge in Computer Science and Mathematics, you can translate this idea into reality.

 The first-moment students find fun is building their own application or program that makes what they want.

 For instance, if you are beginning as a computer science student, you will be building some applications like calculators where you have to code from scratch and use the mathematics knowledge you’ve learned including arithmetics like multiplications, addition, and subtraction rules.

Building something useful by hand is one of the funniest moments computer science students have.

When you reach an advanced level and become a computer science engineer you will be creating programs for companies and other people using your work in their daily life. 

In this Moment you would have two combined feelings: 

The feeling of fun when you build this application for a project, and the second is the pride when you see all those people using your own creature program you’ve built from scratch.

2 – design solutions and verify that they are correct

The second funniest thing in computer science is you can design solutions and test them immediately without needing to have a special material or lose a lot of time.  

For instance, when you design a mobile game you can test it immediately without moving from your desk.

 This is impossible when we talk about other engineering occupations, for instance in mechanical engineering when you design a piece you have to spend a lot of effort and use specific machines to just test this piece and approve it. So, you have to create or buy another machine to test the piece you designed.

  In computer science, you have the flexibility and unlimited time to test and tweak at which time you want and how you want. You will not be losing any raw materials or buying machines. All your manufacturing system is between your hand, a screen, and a keyboard.

This is what makes computer science the best and the most flexible engineering major,  with just an internet and computer you could build phenomenal applications that can be sold for millions of dollars. 

In addition, you can work from any place around the world and anyone around the world there are no geographical boundaries. There is nothing funnier than that

3 – solving problems

If you enjoy solving problems you would have a lot of fun because 80% of the time consumed by computer science engineers is devoted to solving problems. You write the code,  then you tweak it again and again until the program, system, or game you are designing works.

It is like enjoying solving a puzzle game, you consistently have discovered new ways and shortcuts to solve as quickly as possible.

4 – help other science branches

The other funniest thing about computer science is its collaboration with other sciences. today computer science is used in almost any domain, it is used in all other engineering occupations, business, Healthcare, sports, and so on.

Computer science engineers are not only the ones who enjoy this field, there are other domains that use computers to meet their requirements. 

For instance, Computer hardware engineers use computer science knowledge, especially software development to create new electronic devices Incorporated into different devices that we use in our daily life, such as refrigerators, cars, TVs, smartphones, and so on. 

On the other hand, there are many fun applications of computer science related to data analysis and management. For instance, computer science helps business owners to discover new opportunities in the market or even predict recession times when the market is down. 

5 – entertainment

The other and most interesting aspect that computer science offers is entertainment. Today we have an industry that is worth billions of dollars based only on entertainment, especially when we talk about game applications.

There are many famous games today people play consistently,  like pubg, Candy Crush Pokemon,  and so on.  These games would not exist without the advancement of computer science technology, and how graphic design is more powerful than it was before.

 So you can imagine you are working as a game developer,  Enjoying the process of building,  and making something that people can have a fun time with. 

You would have a lot of fun especially if you like physics rules like kinematics and mathematics such as calculus and algebra.  you will sense the feeling of math usefulness you study in school and college.


You always have to remember that enjoying computer science or not is only depending on your personal interest. you are not supposed to enjoy something that you don’t find funny.

You have to figure out if computer science is for you or not,  but if you enjoy the process of solving problems and programming these are good signs indicating computer science is for you.

If you don’t, you just have to go and take more experience until you find your thing. The most interesting thing is not to compare yourself with others because everyone has their own uniqueness.