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is electrical engineering boring

it is right that electrical engineering boring, in this post we’ll be responding to this question.

is electrical engineering boring

Electrical engineering is boring for people who are not interested or passionate about it, or the ones who are seeking this major just for money, in this case, these students will be finding electrical engineering so boring especially if they had a boring professor.

 On the other hand, Electrical engineering can be very fun for students who enjoy programming and solving technical problems related to electricity and electronics.  For instance building and designing Electronics boards for projects like smartphones or any machines that use electricity.

 You would be finding some people enjoy solving electrical problems including analyzing circuits and using mathematics like calculus to determine the current or voltage in a circuit. while others struggle and count minutes waiting for the class to end up.

So to determine and judge if electrical engineering is boring or fun, will depend on your personality and interests in addition to some details that will be talking about in the next paragraph. 

why electrical engineering is boring

Many people find electrical engineering Boring because in most cases they don’t enjoy it. They made a  wrong decision based totally on the financial job opportunity this engineering field offers without figuring out if electrical engineering is meant for them or not.

 we will be listing the 5 principal reasons that make electrical engineering boring:

1 hate math and physics

The first principal reason that makes a lot of people struggle and find classes very boring is math and physics. The amount of physics and math topics covered in electrical engineering is huge. Almost 80% of the subjects you will study in your first 2 years are just math and physics courses.

Electrical engineers are required to complete the following difficult  math and physics subjects:

If you don’t enjoy math and physics you would find these topics extremely boring and heavy to study. It could be a sign that electrical engineering might not be a good choice for you.

but if you are doing well in these subjects you just have to be patient because you will not be using this huge amount of math in your daily work.

2 they have chosen this major for money

According to BLS the average salary of an electrical engineer is around $101,000 per year. Having a solid experience in electrical engineering can allow you to reach imaginary salaries up to 200k.

These encouraging salaries that electrical engineering offers push a lot of people to join this major without Making sure if electrical engineering is meant for them or not. But a lot of people end up quitting this major because they find it boring and difficult especially in the first 2 years.

3 don’t enjoy solving electrical and electronics problems

 If you don’t enjoy solving electrical and electronics problems like fixing the electricity of your house or electronic board, electrical engineering might not be a good fit for you. Electrical engineers are people who love handwork and craft things from scratch.

If you hate doing the work of an electrician in a house or fixing things on your own in a house without calling a technician, then electrical engineering might not be a good major to stay on.

4 find programming boring

Electrical engineers require some skills in programming, especially the people who are going to take a specialization and embedded systems, meaning people who are interested to work in Automation and Robotics Industries working as hardware programmers.

If you find programming boring and can’t sit for long hours in front of a computer compiling codes, or you hate to read datasheets(technical manuals) of electronics components like microcontrollers or transistors, etc. Electrical engineering would be boring and not made for you.

5 – have bad professors

Even if you love electrical engineering you still have a chance to feel bored in classes especially if you have a boring professor.  The negative thing about electrical engineering is you will be studying a lot of subjects with one single professor.

 For instance, when we talk about calculus you would have 3 semesters of calculus courses to complete. So the odds of studying all courses with one single professor are higher. The same thing with physics, where you have 2 semesters of physics courses physics 1 and physics 2.

So you have to be patient and don’t let this boring professor force you to make bad decisions like dropping from a major, this is not your mistake. you just have to keep going until you overcome these boring classes. 

You have to understand the process is not 100% of joy, you will have some ups and downs.

Is power engineering boring?

If you love to work in big plants of Electrical engineering like big generators or developing bigger Motors and their control systems, in addition to Power generation, transmission, and distribution you would find Power Engineering spectacular and interesting. 

On the other hand, if you don’t like to work in these big plants and spend some time outdoors you will find power engineering boring.

So it is a subjective question, it depends on each one. but the only thing to consider is that power engineering is dangerous. Making mistakes in this field means explosions or seeing some flames or sparks which might be spectacular or even deadly.

you can watch his video below:

On the other hand, this job is routinary, Are required to be obsessed  or passionate about electrical design if you don’t want to get bored at this job. 

Do people regret studying electrical engineering?

Electrical engineering is not a field that people can regret, if you love your job or pick the right specialty you will not have any regret.   

But the people who regret studying electrical engineering or working in this industry are people who have followed this major just for money and the comfortable financial life offering, without considering what their passions or interests are in their life.

 Some others look at and compare electrical engineering to computer science like software engineering, but they don’t see the change and challenges they face. Computer science is evolving very fast, requiring them to absorb and get new experiences as fast as possible to stay in the race. 

So the Money Seekers are all the people who regret or even decide to switch from electrical engineering to their favorite majors, sometimes out of engineering scope.