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is electrical engineering fun (5 facts)

In this post, we’ll be talking in detail about this subject.

is electrical engineering fun

If you love solving problems about programming, electrical and electronic systems you would have a lot of fun studying or working in electrical engineering. You would have a lot of fun especially when you contribute to building some of the electrical or electronic parts of interesting machines.

 For instance, electrical engineers, especially in the field of electronics, are participating to design Electronics boards for smartphones which all people use today. So if you work with a smartphone company like Apple or Samsung. you would have the feeling of pride when you watch someone using a product you already participated in to build it.

But you have to consider electrical engineering is not fun for anyone, it could be boring for some other people as well as mechanical engineering or any other engineering occupation. 

You just have to figure out if you enjoy electrical engineering subjects that include programming, designing electronics and electrical systems or working in transmission systems like remote controls, or how to design Devices that send a signal and receive it for a kilometer of distance.

how electrical engineering is fun

We’re going to list the principal aspects that make The process of working or Studying electrical engineering fun and rewarding. 

1 – design electrical or electronics systems

The first funniest aspect that you will enjoy if you like electrical engineering is designing electrical or electronic systems,  for instance, if you are working with a company that designs Electronics boards for smartphones you would have a job of Designing circuits that an electrical current is going to flow to finally run properly a smartphone.

 Typically you will not be working alone to design the whole Electronics Board of a smartphone because it’s very complex. But you would be focusing on one single task.

 For instance, you could be working on an electronics board that controls the charge of a battery, this board is going to be responsible to control a charge of a battery, charging the battery, and stopping it when the battery is fully charged.  In addition adding all the variables like:

 You will be enjoying this process especially when you draw every schematics line by yourself and predict where the electrical current should go, in the audition choose the right micro Electronics components like capacitors, resistors, transistors, and so on.

in the video below you will have an idea about what you will be doing

Day in the life of a PCB – Part 1

The other funniest thing you would have working on this kind of project is to make tests and see if the circuit is properly working.  You will be burning a lot of components and making some mistakes. It is very funny when you crack a resistor or capacitor. You would have some funny smell in the lab or Workshop.

2 – programming

The second funniest thing that electrical engineers enjoy in their work or even in studies is programming,  as an electrical engineer you would be required to have some programming languages like C, C++, or even python. These are the most famous programming languages used to program electronic and electrical systems embedded in industrial machines.

You would have a lot of fun when you try to solve a programming problem,  for instance figuring out How to create software allowing a user to monitor its house From a Distance by only using their smartphone. Like lightning bulbs from a distance, opening a door garage,  monitoring the temperature of the AC room, and so on.

If you like robotics or IOT you will have a lot of fun working on this kind of project, you can find an example of this problem in the video below.

3 – use math and physics to solve problems

Electrical engineering is a field that uses a lot of mathematics, especially calculus, so if you enjoy doing the math you would be using calculus in multiple applications of electronics design. For instance, you would have fun determining the value of capacitors and how much they take when they charge or discharge.  This technique allows you to create some Electronics boards implemented in cars or houses.

In addition, electrical engineering also has some interesting physics topics especially electromagnetism,  where you could work in electro-mechanics systems like solenoids Used to open electrical doors from a distance using smartphones.

You can watch this type of project in the video below.

How to make Fingerprint Door Lock with Arduino – DFRobot

4 – you collaborate in principal industries

Electrical engineering has a lot of collaboration in many Industries, you could be working designing: computer boards,  smartphones, AC rooms, refrigerators, Aerospace or aeronautics devices, and so on.

Electrical engineers can almost work in any company that provides a service or is based on technology.  so you would have a lot of fun and flexibility choosing the industry you find interesting to work in. 

which is more fun: electrical or mechanical engineering

Mechanical and electrical engineering are both fun,  some people would have fun working in electrical engineering design in electronics and electrical systems while Others would have fun working in mechanical engineering project design in mechanical systems used in machines so it depends on anyone’s interests.

 If you like programming and fixing electrical or electronic systems then you will have more fun with electrical engineering than mechanical.  On the other hand, if you love to design physical pieces and objects and see them used in reality, mechanical engineering would be fun for you.

  We wrote a complete article that indicates how much mechanical engineering is fun you can check it out at this link.

In addition, there are some people who are interested in both Majors in mechanical and electrical engineering. Mostly these people are obsessed with robotics, so if you are one of these people it’s better to opt for mechatronics engineering which combines both aspects in one single major. 

you would have a lot of fun designing electrical systems and at the same time working on mechanical systems, designing physical objects and mechanisms.