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is mechanical engineering fun or boring (solved)

mechanical engineering is fun and boring and the same time. In this post, we’ll be discovering the cases when mechanical engineering is fun and others when it bored.

is mechanical engineering fun or boring

Mechanical engineering is fun for people who enjoy solving problems, working with their hands and love design, on the other hand, it could be boring for people who are not interested in solving problems or the ones loving abstract science-based completely on theory like pure physics and Mathematics majors.

So to determine if mechanical engineering is boring or fun would only depend on your personality and interest. Typically mechanical engineering is not a field that anyone can enjoy or feel bored with. Your genetics or traits you were born with are the principal factors determining that.

Some students get obsessed with mechanical engineering and don’t like to quit their workshops or labs to work and crafting projects. While others would be hating their lives and count every minute before the class ends. 

In the next paragraph, we’re going to discover what makes mechanical engineering fun for people and boring for others.

Why do people find mechanical engineering boring? 

There are four principal reasons why  students are people find mechanical engineering boring:

1 – they are not meant to do it

The first principle that we talked about in the first paragraph is talent,  we don’t mean a talent having excellent skills in mechanical engineering and being able to automatically solve problems without any struggle, but we mean the talent the ability to solve the problems in a good state, full of Harmony and happiness. 

There are some students who forget themselves when they are designing mechanical pieces in CAD or Solidwork. They are so passionate about each piece of the process.  These are the kind of people that mechanical engineering is meant for.

 On the other hand, some students Don’t enjoy designing or solving any problems.  They don’t like to work by hand or fix any technical issues which indicates that mechanical engineering is not meant for them.

We wrote out a full guided article that includes all detailed signs that indicate if mechanical engineering is for you or not.

2 – have a bad professor

Having a bad professor that doesn’t know how to explain the context of a mechanical engineering program would be a crucial factor that makes a lot of students hate the boardroom and maybe hate this branch.

You might have an interest in mechanical engineering but you haven’t discovered it yet. because your professors didn’t show you the funny things mechanical engineering can achieve.

If you love the process that you’ll be watching in this video below, it doesn’t matter, you just have to be patient until you get your engineering degree.

3 – suck at math 

If you are not doing well in mathematics it is probably to find mechanical engineering boring because all the mechanical engineering classes involve advanced math courses, meaning being bad at math and mechanical engineering is a big problem.

 In the curriculum you would have to complete the Most Difficult mathematics courses students take in college, you have to study calculus, college algebra, differential equations, and linear algebra.

If you enjoy doing design, but you don’t find the joy in using mathematics to solve mechanical problems that are normal, you just have to be patient because you would not be using a lot of mathematics in your day job as you do in college.

4 – don’t like physics 

The last reason that makes mechanical engineering boring for some students is disliking physics.  physics is so interested in mechanical engineering and students have to complete a lot of physics topics in this branch including:

If you don’t find an interest in physics you will be bored studying or doing mechanical engineering projects.

 The good news for people who hate math and physics but still like the applied part of mechanical engineering, There is another mechanical engineering branch, physics and Mathematics it’s called mechanical engineering technology

what makes mechanical engineering fun 

There are three main points that make mechanical engineering fun, and enjoyable for many students still taking formations.

  1. design products that millions of people could be using
  2. solving the challenging problems in mechanics
  3. work individually or in teams

1 – design products that millions of people could be using

As a mechanical engineer, you would have the opportunity to design gadgets or pieces that could be used by millions of people around the world. For instance, mechanical engineers who work in smartphone companies design multiple mechanical pieces like:

There is not a great feeling when you work on this street or see a product you’ve worked on in the hand of someone else. It gives a feeling of pride and raises your self-esteem.

2 – solving the challenging problems in mechanics

The second thing that mechanical engineers enjoy is solving some difficult challenges. For instance, you have to design a mechanical piece of a phone that fits all previous generations, so companies don’t have to redesign new ones, losing time and money.

Every day you will face a new challenge and use your critical thinking to solve it. That is the most enjoyable part of mechanical engineers who are passionate about this field.

3 – work individually or in teams

The last option that a lot of mechanical engineers enjoy depending on each one is to have the flexibility to work remotely as a mechanical engineer designer or with a team in a workshop doing practical stuff like tests and crafting things.

For instance, if you are introverted you could work remotely or stay alone working as a CAD computer designs engineer.  On the other hand, if you are an extroverted person who likes to work with a team crafting things, or even work in some industries that involve teamwork like automotive and manufacturing engineering.


 The only way to discover if mechanical engineering will be fun or boring for you is to determine if mechanical engineering is meant for you or not. You don’t have to listen to your friends or your father or anyone because everyone has his own characteristics and interests he should discover.