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Is mechanical engineering technology hard(3 facts)

 Mechanical engineering technology is easier than regular mechanical engineering but is still difficult in some other aspects that students don’t take into account, so in this post, we’re going to discover the five principal points making mechanical engineering technology hard and difficult for students to complete. 

1 – Mechanical engineering technology is hard because it involves math

In mechanical engineering technology students have to complete 3 semesters Of difficult math subjects including Calculus 1, calculus 2, and statistics. Statistics is easier when we compare it to calculus. But Calculus is challenging one complete, especially the calculus 2 course.

1 – Calculus 1 

in the first semester, students have a Calculus 1 course where they should learn the basics of calculus including:

To take the calculus 1 course you should have completed precalculus or at least have a solid background in Algebra 2 as a high school course where you should be good or have studied the following subjects:

If you have a bad foundation in mathematics, especially in the subjects we mentioned above. you suffer to complete Calculus 1,  you would find a lot of struggle to understand derivatives and integrals.

2 – Calculus 2

Calculus 2 is the most difficult math subject you’ll be required to complete in the mechanical engineering technology course. Calculus 2 is based totally on the previous courses you should take, especially Calculus 1.

In calculus 2 you’ll be studying the same principal topics of calculus one like derivatives and integrals but you would also be discovering some new topics like Parametric equations, polar coordinates, vector-valued functions, and Series.

 In calculus 2  you would go deeper about derivatives and integrals, you would be solving more difficult problems with derivative and integral equations.  If you’ve been struggling or did not absorb these topics well in Calculus 1. It is almost impossible to complete a calculus 2 course without going back and studying Calculus 1 again.

You would normally take a calculus course in the second semester after completing Calculus 1 in the first semester. This subject is very important and you should be extremely focused on it.

3 – statistics

The easiest subject you’ll be studying in engineering technology is statistics. The statistics course that you’ll be taking in mechanical engineering technology is different from the classical  general student take, in this course will be studying statistics topics to:

The math of mechanical engineering technology is easier than in regular Mechanical Engineer programs. You are not required to study multivariable calculus, differential equations, and linear algebra. These are the most complicated math courses.

  so if you are not extremely good at math and love mechanical engineering it would be a good idea to opt for this major.

2 – Mechanical engineer technology is hard because it involves physics 

In mechanical engineering technology you would have 4 principal physics courses:

 To complete these courses you must have Solid basics in high school Physics courses, especially calculus-based Physics courses.

If you didn’t or haven’t taken Physics in high school, there is no problem, you still have an opportunity to study General Physics courses in the mechanical engineering technology program but you must be good at calculus to study these physics following topics:

1 – General physics

 The General Physics course is equivalent to an honors physics or AP Physics 1 course you could discover more details about it in this full guided article.

The Second Challenge you must consider in these physics courses and differentiate between mechanical engineering technology and regular engineering courses is the concentration of lab work.  Lab courses will be taken concurrently alongside all of these physics courses.

2 – Thermodynamics

After finishing your first year completing both courses General Physics 1 and 2 courses, you would have to complete latter In the third or senior year thermodynamics and applied mechanics. These subjects are considered the most difficult courses you will be taking in at mechanical engineering technology program.

in thermodynamics, you will be studying Topics like:

Thermodynamics is a subject that is based on the previous courses we talked about, especially Calculus 1 and General Physics 2 courses. You would be employing all the subjects you learned in this course like the derivatives and integrals In addition to the foundation you’ve learned about thermodynamics in the General Physics 2 course.

3 – Fluid mechanics 

fluid dynamics  Is the last Physics course you’ll be taking in the mechanical engineering technology program,  in fluid dynamics you would be studying Topix like:

In fluid mechanics you’ll be required to do more advanced calculus like calculus 2 and also have the basics of general physics 2. You should normally take it in the second semester.

3 – Mechanical engineering technology is more applied

Mechanical engineering technologists spend a lot of time working with their hands. It is right that they use computer-aided design CAD to build their designs, but they still need to go to workshops and use screwdrivers and hammers or running milling machines to test and sometimes craft things from scratch.

 So if you don’t like to work with your hands or make them dirty, mechanical engineering technology will not be a good choice, Moreover, you will not have the opportunity to work remotely from home or as a freelancer, this job requires you to be present and do a lot of handy stuff.