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is physics required for computer science?

For students who need to know if physics is important in computer science or not, this is the right post for you.

Is physics required for computer science?

computer science is a field that doesn’t require having a solid background in physics, it is a field that focuses on math and implements it in algorithms. Computer science students spend the majority of their time studying math and all comptuer science topics related to it, like programming and discovering new technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence.

in your first year of college, you will be required to complete only one course of comptuer science which is general phsyics. But there are some cases and filed of computer science that require having physics basics such as:

1  gaming

if you are thinking to minor or work in the gaming industry, in this case physics is important, to focus on dynamics and kinematics.

To design games and mobile characters, you will require to have solid basics in newton’s laws like speed, acceleration, and other related topics.

2 computer hardware

computer hardware is a close field to electrical and electronics engineering, in comptuer hardware, you will be required to design electronics circuits or boards that require knowledge in physics, especially the part of electricity and magnetism.

3  robotics

If you are fascinated by robots and love to program or run them, computer science will be a good beginning but you will need to take a specialization and focus on robots.

In this case, you will also be required to have physics knowledge in kinematics, motion, and some mechanical engineering topics.

4 IOT 

 IoT or the Internet of things is a domain responsible for controlling everything from distance using clouds and remote software.

For instance, if you want to control your home from a distance you install an IoT system to open automaticaly doors, and lighting, and even control your AC room from a distance.

This field requires computer hardware and software skills, so you will be needing a little bit of physics.


but if you like to work in banking or finance with comptuer science skills, in this case, phsyics will not be adding any value.

But you don’t have to worry about taking physics even if you like to go into one of these industries.

Is better to focus on comptuer science and math, because if do well in math for sure you will be good at physics when you decide to take gaming or any other specialties we mentioned.

In addtion, you don’t need to study all physics topics to minor for example in gaming or robotics, when you reach the gaming field they will teach you all the physics courses you will need to absorb. 

In addtion you could take some AP or honors physics courses they are way more than enough if you like to prepare yourself before.

Is physics or computer science harder

physics is more difficult and theoretical in math than comptuer science, in computer science, students use applied math for coding or software development, in phsyics, you will study abstract math and difficult topics to understand tough subejcts like quantum mechanics and theories like relativity.

Some students might like physics or find it easier than computer science if they find themselves more in theory and obsessed with the universe and atomistic models.

While others like testing and running code many times, computer science will be easier for them, so this is the principal reason you should base it on.

Because both majors require being good at math, especially calculus, if you don’t do well in math you find physics and computer science both hard and challenging for you.

The principal reason that makes us recommend computer science over physics, is the brilliant potential to have to get a degree in computer science than physics.

in computer science you graduate after 4 years with a very high opportunity to find a job right away after your finish your bachelor’s, there is a survey made and found that 61% of CS studnet get hired directly after getting a degree.

Over 1 million jobs are in shortage of computer science jobs, 400,000 only in data science according to Dax . In addtion, the salaries are over the roof. In just 3 years of experience, you can reach $130,000 to 150,000 a year.

you will never be dreaming to reach this level by majoring in physics, to get that level you have to take or have a Ph.D.As a result, requires you 5 to 10 years after a bachelor’s where the odds of quitting are high because Ph.D. physics is so much difficult and may not be worth it.

in addtion, fewer people can find jobs in their major in physics, because the number of jobs offered every year in physics majors is just 1600 while in comptuer science hundered thousands of jobs are offered every year, moreover being opened to work in Mondial market and multinational companies. 

But if you love physics and feel attracted so much it will be better to follow something you love than just for money.

Are physics and computer science a good double major?

there is not a significant benefit from doubling in computer science and physics, these majors don’t have a big overlap, but the most interesting thing is even if you get a double major in physics and computer science you will end up applying for the same jobs that computer graduates do.

It could be hurting because doubling major in both these subjects is so much more difficult, you will have to complete heavy workload subejcts that can affect your concentrations and finally your grades if you didn’t drop.

is better to choose a comptuer science alone, then minor in the specialty that you find close to physics if you like them both.

  This is the best strategy to do because phsyics majors don’t have potential like computer science.

So if you failed to work in a specific industry, you still have your bachelor’s in Computer science allowing you to work in a software engineering industry that is booming right now.