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Is trigonometry hard(solved)

A lot of fo people complain and say that trigonometry is hard, is that true?

why trigonometry would be hard and for who?

in this post, we’re going to respond to these questions and give some advice for students who study trigonometry may be in the wrong way.

for people who struggle with trigonometry, this post might solve your issue.

Is trigonometry hard

trigonometry is not a difficult or hard subject as much as you study it correctly, in trigonometry students study some new and complex topics like trigonometry functions such as Cos and Sin in addtion to Tang. but with a little bit of practice, things become much easier and clear.

 there is nothing to worry about if you have solid basics of algebra 1 topics such as arithmetics and a solid understanding of geometry courses that help students to prepare for trigonometry courses, especially in precalculus.

other than that, trigonometry is a subject that anyone can absorb if has the intent to give it enough time and effort which is 1 to 2 hours a day.

The only case where trigonometry can be terrible or difficult for some students is the ones who skip geometry courses, the ones who did not have the basics in arithmetic, or the ones who are still struggling with algebra 1 courses like equations and inequalities or irrational numbers. These subjects are important and crucial to determine your success in trigonometry.

why trigonometry is hard

As we said before trigonometry is not hard but we’re going to list the 5 main reasons why people might fail at trigonometry or find it hard.

1 – they just memorize 

The first reason that makes people struggle in trigonometry is they just memorize the rules without knowing how they work and what is the reason behind each rule. If you follow this strategy you will need to memorize a hell of a lot of rules which will be confusing.

For instance, trigonometry functions have many rules students have to apply, this is an example list of these rules.

if you decide to memorize all these rules, for sure you will be confused or struggle, these rules are similar, it is easy to miss one sign then everything will fall out.

So successful and intelligent students memorize a few of these rules(the principal ones) and prove the rest. This only can be done by understanding well a lecture not joust memorizing, because you’re not in a humanity course.

2 – requires a good understanding of angles 

the key component that studnet have to begin with is to understand and focus firstly on angles that a lot of people don’t. Angles are three types:

but some students still struggling between these 3 types of angles. As a result, makes them unable to apply the right rule for each type of angle.

But The most famous topic where students struggle is Angles conversion. Especially converting angles in the degree to radians like the example below.

some students struggle to understand that  π= 180 

This is an example of what students memorize where it should not be the case:

this belongs to the mistake of memorizing rules, where it’s easier to represent these functions in a circle and determine the value of each of these functions without any memorization. in the example image below.

so the most interesting thing to do and focus on is to learn every corner of this trigonometric circle, then you will solve definitively an issue of angles.

3  it got trigonometry functions 

trigonometry has 3 elements or functions you have to understand:

so you have to focus and study hard on these 3 functions, by firstly understanding the principal of each one and secondly solving many problems or exercises to get enough experience about these related topics.

theses parts require a lot of hard work and practice. you will be required to solve many trigonometric complex equations that demand a lot of practice which students lack so many times causing them to fail.

4 some people don’t practice it enough

Trigonometry is an easy subject but it requires a lot of hard work and practice. Most of the studnet expect to find trigonometry easier like arithmetics or algebra 1-course which is not the case.

Trigonometry is a module that requires dedication and a lot of effort to deploy to finally understand all its parts especially the trigonometry functions considered the hardest part. 

5 have week basics in geometry course and algebra 1

The last reason making students struggle or even fail in trigonometry is having weak basics. meaning have not studied and absorbed well some topics they should already understand in geometry and algebra 1 courses before.

Until today we find some studnet still struggling and not memorizing the multiplication tables. or can’t solve linear equations like this example below:

Or still, struggle in irrational numbers like this example below:

if you are one of them you’re in big trouble, the best thing to do is to go back and restudy the algebra 1 course then go back to trigonometry later. Because you will surely suck at without the necessary basics.

Can I take trigonometry and calculus?

Typically studnet take trigonometry earlier than calculus at high school in algebra 2 or precalculus course. It is not a good idea to take a trigonometry course and calculus at the same time it is hard and condensed.

The best thing is to focus on trigonometry and all precalculus subejcts course before, then taking afterwords calculus courses like caluclus 1 and caluclus 2.

calculus course is tougher and longer, in addtion it requires the basics of trigonometry. So you can study calculus without having completed a trigonometry course.