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Maybe : you should do engineering if you hate math and physics

should you do engineering if you hate math and physics?. in this post, we’ll be talking about this dilemma in detail and knowing its ramifications.

should you do engineering if you hate physics

In most cases yes you should do engineering if you hate physics especially if you are struggling in your first years of engineering. If you struggle in physics to hate it but it doesn’t mean that engineering is not meant for you.

 Even the most talented people affirm that. So it is normal to hate physics in your engineering courses especially if you are studying some difficult engineering classes like electrical or mechanical engineering. You just have to work harder.

You might have some problems with Basics or foundations in physics that makes you struggle in physics more than the average person but you don’t have to worry you are not alone. 

A lot of people have the same problem as you do. You could study the topics that you struggle with or devote more time to studying physics.

You just have to be patient in the first two years of your engineering major; afterwards you would not be required to use and study a lot of physics. In addition, when you graduate in engineering you would not be using this much physics courses in your job.

so you just have to be a little bit patient, if you have a dream to become an engineer and not give up. You have to remember everything great comes after sacrifice and struggle.

What should you do in engineering if you hate physics

The first thing you have to know is why you hate physics,  you may be hating physics because:

So the principal goal is you have to determine your problems with physics. It is not a problem to find physics hard, the problem is when you spend a lot of effort and time studying physics and still not getting results. This is what makes a lot of people hate physics.

 If you work hard and still have not gotten results in physics you’re likely to have these 2 issues:

  • The first one is you don’t have solid math foundations, because you didn’t acquire them in your high school courses. Some students make some bad mistakes like not taking physics courses early in high school and leaving them until college.
  •  The second problem that most students fall into, is not focusing on precalculus courses which are primordial to studying Physics engineering courses.  We will talk about that in detail later in our article, especially for students who are struggling in calculus.

To solve this problem we recommend retaking precalculus courses focusing on algebra, trigonometry, and calculus introductions,  Then finally taking a physics-based calculus course. 

Taking these pillar topics and studying them hard will surely enhance your capabilities and end your struggles in physics.  Most students who struggle in physics are just having bad foundations.

If you don’t study hard and take your time in Calculus or a calculus-based physics course, You would be struggling in physics no matter how much time and effort you devote. This is what makes the majority of people hate physics and doubt themselves. 

should you do engineering if you hate calculus?

Calculus is a pillar subject for engineering and physics majors. You cannot succeed without calculus. 90% of physics and engineering require using calculus, But it doesn’t mean if you hate calculus you are not able to study or succeed in it.

If you are looking to study engineering without calculus you have to forget this is impossible. 

but you have to ask yourself, why did you choose to engineer if you hate calculus?

 Maybe you don’t hate calculus but you have problems with Calculus. You are struggling in calculus.  If you do, there is another perspective to look at your problem.

You have to keep in mind that engineering is a difficult major. You would not be getting a degree without putting in the effort and facing struggles, and calculus is one of these principal struggles.

 But the problem that you should be concerned about is if you are working very hard studying calculus and still not getting good results. This is what makes a lot of people hate calculus.

 If you have this problem you are likely not well prepared to study math in College, in most cases you would have a problem in pre-calculus courses that include algebra, trigonometry, and some introductory calculus topics like limits and continuity.

It happens with a lot of students who decide to skip precalculus by not giving it importance which results in the problem you’re facing now.  but it still has a solution we will be talking about in the next paragraph.

what should you do in engineering if you hate calculus

If you are good at math but not enjoying calculus  it means that you made a bad mistake choosing the wrong major,  in this case, you have two scenarios:

  •  The first one is to drop engineering if you didn’t find it interesting and look to the major where you find yourself. It will be recommended if you are still a freshman student.
  • The second one is to continue and graduate in engineering, then work in the industry that you find yourself comfortable in. Engineering would allow you to work almost in any industry even if in unrelated domains like Finance or business and so on.

Employers require and love engineers. They are smart and fast learners.  This could be the safest road to take if you don’t want to lose money and time.

On the other hand, if you struggle in calculus which most students do, the solution is to fix and work on your math capabilities, especially the foundations.

So you have to go back and study the precalculus course, meaning studying all the basics math courses high schoolers take to prepare for college like trigonometry, algebra, and other related topics.

 you could find this full guide article that will help you to restudy calculus from scratch. 

You have to understand that:

Math is sequential. If you mess with the basics you will struggle in the rest of the course, you just have to solidify your basics and you will recover the confidence in yourself.