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mechanical engineering vs architecture

In this post, we’ll be discovering which is better, mechanical engineering or architecture and which brand is suitable for you.

which is better mechanical engineering or architecture

According to BLS, the average salary of a mechanical engineer is $95,000. Architects earn less than mechanical engineers, about $80,000.   But the problem is not only the $10,000 difference between mechanical engineers and architects there is something more to consider about.

The problem is, that the architecture industry is slowly evolving,  it grows only by 3%, creating only 3900 jobs every year, which is a very poor number. So to become an architect you would face a lot of competition and have lower odds to find a job.

Mechanical engineering is more popular than architecture, it hires more than 20,000  Engineers every year which is 4 times more than architecture engineering. In addition, mechanical engineers allow you to work in many industries that involve Manufacturing, you could be working in:

In architecture, you have limited occupations and specialties you can’t go out,   if you specialize in buildings you cannot work in landscaping, or urban development.

In mechanical engineering you only have to complete a bachelor’s and apply directly for jobs, this is not the case for architecture, most students get forced to complete the master which can require them to study for 1 to 5 years depending on the specialty they would love to pursue.

 In addition, architects have to pay for their internships,  instead of doing it for free in mechanical engineering, Then finally pass The architect registration exam.

So to become an architect you would be spending a lot of time and money which is not a good investment for people who are seeking money or ROI from their studies.

The difference between mechanical engineering and architecture

Mechanical engineers are people who are working in multiple difficult manufacturing facilities,  they can work in automotive, Aerospace, structural, etc. In other words, any industry that involves mechanical systems and how to design them.

For instance, if we pick all the gadgets that we use in our daily lives, mechanical engineers are playing an interesting part in their existence.

 For instance:

 the form or the look of your laptop or desktop computer is Designed by a mechanical engineer.

The mug you are using to make the coffee or tea it’s always designed by a mechanical engineer.

 The mouse or keyboard used in computers is designed by mechanical engineers.

 So almost any physical object is designed by a mechanical engineer, mechanical engineering is everywhere.

Architecture’s a sort of mechanical engineering but on a big scale,  architect designs buildings,   roads,  stadiums, Interior and exterior designs of houses, manufacturers’ buildings, etc. So anything related to civil engineering.

Some architects are specialized in design spending the whole day designing buildings for governmental projects or private companies, While others have both positions which are working at desks and Managing people in work sites, managing constructors, and ensuring the quality of work construction.

Which is harder mechanical engineering or architecture

In terms of math and physics concentration, mechanical engineering is more difficult than architecture, mechanical engineers are required to study a lot of math and physics topics that architects don’t take. But on the other hand, the Bachelor’s in architecture is longer than mechanical engineering. Architects need 5 years to complete their bachelor’s while mechanical engineers need only 4 years.

Mechanical engineers are heavier in mathematics, students are required to complete the most difficult math college courses like:

 In addition, mechanical engineering requires to have a solid foundation in physics because they are required to complete some difficult physics courses like:

 When we look at architecture programs, we don’t find any physics courses as a principal requirement. It is enough to take a high school Physics course like algebra-based physics to take architecture courses.

In addition to the only principal Math course, architects should complete Calculus 1 with analytic geometry. Calculus 1  with analytic geometry is not a difficult course, it is just required to have a solid foundation in high school math, especially in Algebra 1 and Algebra 2, focusing on some principal topics like trigonometry and functions.

you can read this related article calculus with analytic geometry hard.

The only thing that makes architecture harder than mechanical engineering, is the program duration.

 Mechanical engineers have a 4 years bachelor’s program while architects need to complete 5 years to just only get their bachelor’s, which is totally not enough to find a job. Most architects graduate with a master’s degree in architecture which lasts an additional 1 to 5 years.

So to have a chance to apply for architectural engineering jobs you would likely have to spend 10 years studying. In contrast, mechanical engineers can apply for jobs directly after 4-year bachelor’s degree in multiple industries

Should you choose mechanical engineering or architecture

You should choose mechanical engineering because it is way better than architecture,  architecture doesn’t have job opportunities and has a longer program duration.  If you get an architecture degree you will struggle to find a job.

 In mechanical engineering, you have a multitude of opportunities to work in different manufacturing Industries.

You could go back to the First paragraph of the article to see the studies and numbers proving this analogy.

The only reason to take an architecture major is to have a passion and dream to become an architect so you are ready to struggle and spend a long time studying this major and face setbacks applying for jobs.

You should totally avoid architecture if you think to make money or become rich,  this is not the right place where you should be. Mechanical engineering would be better if you are seeking money.