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Physics and mechanical engineering double major (5 facts)

In this post, we will be discovering the 5 facts about doubling majors in mechanical engineering and phsyics. You do know these facts before making your decision.

1 – it is hard

double major in physics and mechanical engineering has a lot of workloads. You will be asked to complete many topics including math and physics in addition to related topics to engineering. This double major course will be divided into the forms below:

1 – general courses

in general courses, you will be learning some introductory courses that relate to business and economy in addtion to other informational stuff that doesn’t seem to be complicated.

2 – foundations courses

in foundation courses you will require to complete difficult math classes, it will be difficult, you have to complete all the caluclus course including:

In addtion, you will be required to complete some general physics courses and some engineering other courses.

the difficulty you will be finding in this course is in math, especially when you reach caluclus 2 and differential equations, they are complicated and require good foundations in math. If you are not good at math you will likely drop this class at this stage.

3 – principal courses

in the principal courses, you will be required to study physics and engineering topics together, in physics you have to complete courses such as:

On the engineering side, you will be required to complete engineering topics like:

the challenge that makes a double major hard, is to study the physics topics like thermodynamics as we mentioned before, and engineering topics such as design at the same time. 

You will be required to do practical work in engineering design and theoretical work proving and solving a lot of math equations in thermodynamics like differential equations and integral.

 It is not easy. You have to be a fast learner to do that in time.

2 – require much effort

A double major in physics and mechanical engineering requires a lot of effort. Both majors are difficult and require a lot of time and hard work.

If you want to be successful in both majors, you need to be dedicated and determined. It’s not going to be easy, but it will be worth it in the end.

you will be spending long hours a day studying difficult physics topics alone and mechanical engineering alone. you need to be motivated and have the diligence to succeed in both majors.

But you have to understand that doubling your major in mechanical engineering and physics won’t guarantee that you will get a job after graduating. this is what we’ll be explaining in the next paragraph.

3 – if you are doing it for money is not worth it

Double majoring in physics and mechanical engineering is not worth it if you do it for money.

The jobs that you will be applying for are going to be the same singular majors, so there is no real advantage to having a double major.

There is a risk that your GPA may suffer if you choose to double major in physics and mechanical engineering. Both of these majors are extremely challenging, and it may be difficult to manage your time well enough to get good grades in both.

If you are looking to be hired as soon as possible is better to major in mechanical engineering because is way demanded in the market, while physics majors suffer to find jobs after graduation and most of them require to take more advanced studies like master’s or Ph.D.

you could find more details in this article:

Which is better: Physics or mechanical engineering 

However, if you are passionate about both subjects and have a genuine interest in learning more about them, then pursuing a double major might be the right choice for you, at least you will not regret it.

4 – you will be needing skills in theory and practice combined

A double major in physics and mechanical engineering can hone your skills in theoretical physics by doing a lot of proof in physics.

This will help you develop strong problem-solving skills and critical thinking abilities. Additionally, it will give you a better understanding and deep view of things better than engineers.

A the same time you will combine this theory to solve practical problems in the design, analysis, and manufacture of machines and devices.

You will be learning how to use computer-aided design (CAD) software to create models of products, and then test the products using simulation software. They also use laboratory equipment to measure the performance of products.

This is only an interesting advantage to take from deciding to double major in both branches.

5 – physics and mechanical engineering are not overlapped as you expect

Mechanical engineering and physics are not overlapped as you think. In the beginning, you will be using physics principles in mechanical engineering, but eventually, you will specialize in both, each one has a different subject from the other.

In Mechanical engineering, you will be focusing on the design and manufacturing of machines, principles of fluids, and dynamics you will be using applied math and physics to solve real issues, etc.

While in physics you will be focusing on topics related study of matter and energy, studying difficult topics such as quantum mechanics, nuclear physics, electromagnetism, and so on. It doesn’t have anything with mechanical engineering.

At this point you will notice the difference between each subejcts, you will be feeling like studying humanity and philosophy. At this moment, things become very challenging.


If you don’t love physics, we do not recommend to double major it with mechanical engineering.

Physics is a difficult and time-consuming major, and if you’re not passionate about it, you’ll likely find yourself struggling in the classes or even dropping out.

However, if you are passionate about physics and want to learn as much as you can, then a double major is a great option. It will allow expanding your vision of science and increase your solving skills qualities, especially in solving theoretical problems related to math and proofs.

The only thing to consider is that a double major in physics and mechanical engineering doesn’t have any financial or career advantages.