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precalculus in high school vs college

If you are asking what is the difference between studying precaucus in high school and college, this is the right post for you.

In this post, we’ll discover the main differences between precalculus in high school and college, and also respond to the famous questions asked in this domain.

Can you take precalculus in college?

Yes, it is possible to take a precalculus course in college although is not the best choice. Typically studnet take precalculus courses at high school to go directly into caluclus college courses like caluclus, especially if they major in stem majors like engineering, mathematics, or physics.

But it is still doable and possible to take precalculus in college and many students do that, instead of taking caluclus 1 alone in the first semester, you will be required to take precalculus before or take them together if you are a fast learner or smart enough to absorb them both.

But you will be devoting more effort than you should in high school because the college system is completely different from high school. 

it will become more difficult to complete precalculus in college than in high school because you should complete other courses or modules which are not easier than if you were in high school.

we recommend taking precalculus in the fall or at the beginning of your college modules, to accelerate and be able to take advanced calculus topics such as calculus 1 in the next semester. So It is crucial to take precalculus courses at College as soon as possible if you are a stem major like an engineer or physicist. 

but if you are a major in the business economy or finance it doesn’t matter if you take it in high school or in college, but in high school is better.

Can you learn precalculus in a month?

Is impossible to learn precalculus in just 1 month even if you are a genius, precalculus course is longer and takes a lot of time, hard work, and preparation to absorb all its topics.

The Precalculus course has 9 consuming topics that require a lot of time to absorb:

These topics are going to be consuming a lot of your time preparation, especially trigonometry, limits, and continuity, they have a lot of details. 

For instance, trigonometry alone will take 1 month to study, because in trigonometry you have to complete several topics like:

3 months is the minimum of time required to learn precalculus if we supposed that you spend more than 5 hours a day studying all topics like trigonometry, functions, Complex numbers, and other time-consuming topics such as limits and continuity.

So you can take a precalculus course in the summer if you are ready to devote additional effort and sacrifice your outdoor or beach time. In order to be prepared for college  Advanced courses like calculus and college algebra. 

Is high school precalculus the same as college precalculus

In terms of subject, High School precalculus is the same as College precalculus there is no difference except the setting or environment. Studying precalculus is completely different from high school to college,  in other words, college is more difficult than High School, and  here is why:

Typically precalculus in high school is covered for the Long whole year. while in college it’s only covered or taught in just 1 semester.

So the same amount of topics that you would study in high school for one year, are going to be covered only in 3 months which is lost stressful and challenging to absorb.

In addtion, some professors may be going more in-depth with precalculus in College than the ones in high school. Because professors in college are used to studying more advanced topics than precalculus like Calculus 1, calculus 2, and caluclus 3.

 so the method they will explain or cover the course will be different from a high school teacher who is going to try to simplify as much as possible for students. So precalculus is not explained well by a professor than a teacher in high school.

The other interesting thing is in high school you would be finding more extra help and resources than a college.  You are more in contact with the teacher Which means asking an Unlimited amount of questions at any time you want.

This is obvious because the professor in college is teaching more than 100 or 200 students in one session.  it is not like in high school where the maximum of students doesn’t exceed 30 to  35 in a room. 

So there are a lot of topics that you have to figure out by yourself Or wait until you meet with a professor during office hours(one session per week) when you have the right to ask a professor.

So starting in college is more challenging not for precalculus alone. It’s for all subjects because it needs to push or additional personal efforts, meaning studying on your own and less depending on instructors.

Can I skip precalculus in high school?

The worst thing to do is to skip precalculus in high school because you would find it more difficult and hard in College. But, if you think that you don’t need precalculus in high school and can take directly calculus you are totally wrong.

 Typically students take precalculus to prepare for advanced calculus courses like Calculus 1 calculus 2 and calculus 3 which are multivariable calculus.

 Having no background in pre-calculus in high school or college will be so difficult to understand the following calculus courses like calculus 1 and other following courses we mentioned before.

But if you think reporting or studying precalculus until you get your first year of college would be a bad idea because precalculus in high school is much easier than a College even if they are the same program on topics.

Can I take precalculus in high school?

Yes, you can take precalculus in high school and you should do it, this is the best decision you can do as a high schooler student to prepare Earley for calculus College courses. In addtion reduce a lot of time and effort to concentrate on other math topics like calculus and algebra.