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precalculus vs trigonometry: famous questions

If you are asking what is the difference between trigonomety and precalculus this post is the right for you.

is precalculus harder than trigonometry

Trigonometry is one subject that students study in precalculus, so trigonometry is included in the precalucus course in addtion to other topics like limits, continuity, functions, complex numbers, rational functions, and other related topics to trigonometry like vectors.

Trigonometry is just one subject or lecture beyond 8 other classes that you should take in precalculus, so it is hard to compare precalculus to trigonometry or say precalculus is hard to trigonometry because Precalculus is a field and trigonometry is a subfield that belongs to this course.

In the precalculus course, you will study trigonometry subjects such as:

  1. Special trigonometric values in the first quadrant
  2. represent trigonometric identities on the unit circle
  3. Inverse trigonometric functions
  4. Law of sines
  5. Law of cosines
  6. Solving general triangles
  7. Sinusoidal equations
  8. Sinusoidal models
  9. Angle addition identities
  10. Using trigonometric identities

But when you look at the precalucus course you will find a lot of numerous courses students must complete and trigonometry is included:

Each subject or course of this topic includes many numerous subjects that are longer,  harder, and more complex than trigonometry alone.

is precalculus trigonometry hard

Pre-calculus trigonometry is not hard if you have the solid basics you should typically acquire in geometry courses like triangles, lines, shapes, and volumes. In addtion to some theorems like Pythagoras meaning all subjects of geometry course, you’re supposed to be taken after the Algebra 1 course.

precalculus trigonometry might be hard for students who have not to understood and absorbed these topics because all of these topics you’re going to restudy and expand upon especially in some topics like periodic functions such as cosine and sin in addtion to learning how to represent trigonometric functions in a circle.

so if you still have some gaps to fill in the geometry course go and check them now, before you take precalculus trigonometry. Because in precalculus course, you will have a lot of o subjects as we mentioned, meaning not enough time to restudy or spend time in some basics things you should normally acquire in a geometry course.

Nonetheless, trigonometry is not a complex math precalculus course it is easier once you apply the right rules and give it your time in addition to using the right methodology that gives a priority to understanding firstly a lecture then putting it a lot into practice solving many problems.

precalculus or trigonometry first

Firstly you must take a geometry course where you will study trigonometry basics that will allow you to prepare for the precalculus course. Because in precalculus course you will find more advanced trigonometry subjects that need have previous knowledge in these following subjects we will mention below:

1 – lines 

the first subject that you will need to focus on preparing for precalculus trigonometry is knowing the basics things about geometry which are lines. meaning:

  • what are lines 
  • what makes lines considered lines 

To learn a subject of lines you need to study and be aware of these following subejcts:

2 – angles 

the most interesting topic you should take is to learn and implement angles. Angles are really essential in trigonometry, especially in precalculus trigonometry. If you did not understand and learn how to manipulate angles well you will fail in trigonometry which is so important.

3 – shapes 

Understanding the differences between shapes is interesting especially knowing the properties of each shape. one of the geometry course goals is that students know the differences between shapes meaning what is the difference between squares and circles.

So in the sections is important to study these following subjects:

4 – triangles 

triangles are the most interesting and central topic you will need to focus on, it is a subject that students study and focuses a lot on trigonometry precalculus. In addtion, it is the basic topics that will allow you to understand and use trigonometric functions like cos, sin, and tang.

In triangles topics we recommend focusing on theses following subjects:

5 –  areas and perimeter

areas and perimeter is the first subject you will see the importance of math in real-life applications. is an important subejcts if you look to become an engineer or an architect to build shapes and objects in such calculated details:

6 – volumes of surface area 

Ares and perimeter is another important topic after triangles students study to determine and learn how to calculate the space of objects like how to calculate the land surface or knowing how much water you will need to fill a specific reservoir.

This subject is so interesting in precalculus and also physics-based calculus. so in this subject, you should be studying these subjects to have a solid preparation of areas and volumes.

7 – Pythagorean theorem

The last thing that we recommend to revise to finish your preparation for precalculus trigonometry is learning and understanding well Pythagorean theorem. This theorem is widely used in trigonometry and is famous in many other applicatons such as the determination of a distance between points and in algebra math.

you could have a look at both paragraph topics to have more information about these subjects.