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Taking  algebra 1 course over the summer

if you are thinking of Taking an algebra 1 course over the summer this post is the right post for you.

can you take the algebra 1 course over the summer?

Normally  Algebra 1 courses take between 25 to 30 weeks to study in school. But if we condense this program as a summer program for Algebra 1 it is still possible to study algebra one in the summer in just 3 months or even 2 months.

But you must follow a specific strategy to reach this goal which will not be easy by the way.

 Algebra 1 course does take a lot of time to absorb all of its topics, especially for the beginning student who discovered on the first time this topic and did have not any previous information or knowledge about it.

If you devote more than 5 hours per day for 8 consistent weeks it still is possible to study and complete Algebra 1 course.

In addtion, it will be possible only if you have a teacher or hire someone who is knowledgeable in math or have studied before Algebra 1 to help you understand all its subject.

 It will not be easy, you have to challenge yourself if you want to reach the goal complete Algebra 1 in this short period of time. It would be a lot of hard work on topics to understand before reaching this goal.

So before talking about the strategy that you should follow.

We have to ensure that you can study in summer when people are enjoying that time going to Beach, hanging out with friends while you are studying, and working hard at this time.

 so the question is, are you ready to sacrifice?

 if yes let’s go to the next step which will list the seven steps you should follow to take algebra one course in the summer 

7 golden steps to taking Algebra 1 course in the summer

And this is proud of you and will give you a timeline and the program for each week and what you should So if you want to succeed You have to follow this program and follow it step-by-step.

week 1 and 2:  equations and inequalities 

The first week will be the hardest week for many students in the summer and for some others will be the most exciting one.  In your first week, you will discover the new topic that you will study in algebra, which is equations and inequalities.

 in equations and inequalities you would learn how to solve Like in the form below:

These types of equations are not complex you just have to follow the course that we’re going to let you in this link and you will be all right with equations and inequalities. 

But the most interesting thing To take into account this time would be taking the course or lesson before the job to solve our problems or exercises.

 normally this course will take you one complete week including 5 to 6 hours per of work.  the program will be like the following:

The first  2 days are completely dedicated to understanding and then repeating the full course equations and inequalities topic

 For the rest 12 days, you will spend solving problems or exercises in this case we recommend solving at least 50 exercises to digest well to understand equations and inequalities topics.

in this link, you find some examples of exercises to solve. 

Don’t rush you must take your time in this course because equations and inequalities are so so interesting to build a good foundation in mathematics, especially in algebra. 

week 3: linear equations and graphs

The goal of week 3 after getting two weeks of hard work on equations and inequalities it’s to learn how to represent simple equations or first-degree equations as we noticed in the previous paragraph.

our previous example function was 2x+1=5, lets’s solve this equation quickly:

in this stage, your goal will be to solve these kinds of equations and draw a graph of the function which you will find an example of below.

This step is not hard it will not require a lot of hard work and so much Exercise, you should solve it as in the previous example. 

week 4: functions 

In the fourth week we’re going to discover for the first time what functions in mathematics you will also rely on what you have studied in equations and inequalities and apply them to functions. Functions are a really important topic and algebra and even the whole mathematics order subjects.

This week you will be dealing with a new term in math which is mathematics.

 your principal goal will be to determine the inputs and outputs of a function like:

you’re going to discover all these topics in this link .

In this week your might find a lot of trouble and not understand a lot of things when you try to solve a problem or at the moment you watch a tutorial about the section. 

So this is the reason why we said is important it to have additional assistance like a teacher or someone who has already studied Algebra 1.

you could be luckier if you have an older brother or a sister  Mom or father who has finished their education, in this case, they can help you and reduce the cost of hiring an instructor. 

week 5: sequences

In week 5 you will discover sequences which we will be in you were topic you haven’t discovered the four. this week you would study two types of sequences:

 you would discover the difference between these two types of sequences and learn how to apply them.

Sequences are not hard, one day is enough to understand the full lesson and go directly to solving a lot of problems.

 if you arrive at solving 20 to 25 problems correctly we can go to the next step. 

week 6 and 7: exponents and radicals 

Exponents and radicals are so interesting and important topics that you should follow and give a lot of concentration. if you haven’t heard about exponents and radicals were going to give a short introduction to this topic.

Mathematicians use exponent to reduce and simplify bigger numbers.

which means 1024 equals 2 multiplied by itself 10 times. Exponents have wide use in mathematics so you have to focus on them intensively. You will learn how to simplify these kinds of numbers and also multiply-add or subtract these kinds of numbers.

So we recommend taking your time to understand the lecture at least take one day and study well the lesson, then go to the next step which is 5 days of consistent practice solving more than 30 exercises to gain experience and be used to this subject.

week 8: irrational numbers

irrational numbers are going to be the last subject you will be studying. Typically irrational is an easy subject that you could absorb in the last week is not a big deal and hard like equations or functions.

final thoughts

if you committed each day for 5 hours or plus during these 8 weeks you will build an enormous background in algebra 1 and finish your summer algebra 1 course successfully.

Meaning having solid basics helps you to go to the next step by taking further courses like geometry and algebra 2 later.

There is no secret the key is dedication and hard work plus the necessary support as we talked about.

good luck