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Trigonometry vs algebra

if you are wondering about the difference between trigonometry and algebra this post is for you.

In this post, we will discover the main relation between trigonometry and algebra. And also gives some tips about what are the mistakes students should avoid to succeed in both of these correlated subjects.

So keep reading to know the response to the most frequent questions student ask about this topic.

is trigonometry harder than algebra?

It is hard to say trigonometry is harder than algebra because Trigonometry and algebra all belong to the same program which is algebra 2. In other words, students study in Algebra 2 program trigonometry topics, and also before taking the Algebra 2 course they must complete in Geometry course which teaches them the basics of trigonometry.

To clarify, trigonometry is based on algebra topics, so there is a big overlap and correlation between algebra and trigonometry. but in general trigonometry or algebra are easier if you started them the right way.

The most interesting thing is to take a geometry course to learn the basics of trigonometry to prepare you for the algebra 2 courses. but the terrible thing to do is to skip the geometry course and rush to algebra 2 without any background.

But in general, there are a lot of students who love trigonometry by designing triangles and shapes more than when doing algebra calculations like studying functions and solving equations.

 So it depends and the interest of each student.  but unfortunately, students don’t have a choice to study trigonometry or algebra alone.

 Simply because to solve the mathematics trigonometry problem you would need to use algebra, so algebra is essential in all math subjects.

Is trigonometry algebra 3

The first time you will discover trigonometry basics is after the algebra 1 course, which is a trigonometry course. At this moment you will just learn the basics of trigonometry until the next step which is taking a course in algebra 2 and algebra 3.

In algebra 2 you take some serious courses in trigonometry and also in algebra 3 until college if you decide to major in engineering or math. 

So you will journey of trigonometry will begin at 8 the grade if you take algebra earlier in the 7th grade and a little bit late in the 9th grade if you take an algebra course in the 8th grade.

Afterward, you will find apply trigonometry in all math classes including calculus in high school and college, and also college algebra which is the hardest college course. 

Should I take algebra 2 or trigonometry?

Typically taking Algebra 2 means automatically studying trigonometry, simply because trigonometry is included in Algebra 2 course so you don’t have to worry because you will study both of them at once.

in algebra 2 you will be studying all the following trigonometry courses:

but before that, you should normally have taken a geometry course before thinking to take algebra 2 or trigonometry.

Because it is so interesting, missing or skipping a geometry course would have bad consequences and infect your performance in algebra 2, especially in geometry. You don’t have t listen to the people who say that geometry is useless.

Trigonometry is so interesting and you will be using it even in further courses in high school and even college like calculus and college algebra. For this reason, we find a lot of people asking if algebra 2 is the same as college algebra according to the high relevance between trigonometry and algebra.

Is trigonometry higher than college algebra?

Trigonometry is not higher than college algebra. Typically students take trigonometry in high school at the grade of 8th or 9th grade learning its basics in a geometry course, then go further and study it in detail in algebra 2 courses in the 11th grade. so trigonometry is not higher than college algebra.

But at college students used to study advanced topics in trigonometry, especially in linear algebra like:

These advanced trigonometry topics require a solid understanding of what students study in high school. With high school trigonometry, you would not be able to understand these topics.

In addtion trigonometry is also used in calculus and precalculus course students take to prepare for college. So everywhere you go you will find trigonometry, especially for stem college students who decide to study physics, math, or engineering.

So every math subject you study in high school you will use later in college. Math is a cumulative subject you learn from your first year in school until the last day of an academic program such as a Ph.D.

Is trigonometry required for college?

Yes, trigonometry is required for college for students who major in math, engineering, and physics meaning all the stem branches that base on math. Having a solid trigonometry foundation is essential to studying calculus and linear algebra as the principal topics in college.

For example, if you decide to study engineering you will be demanded to complete 3 calculus courses and a linear algebra course. These courses are the tough math courses students face in college and cause many of them to drop out, calculus and linear algebra are not easy.

Calculus and linear algebra require to have a solid understanding and good knowledge of trigonometry. For instance, knowing:

this is not only for engineering, you will need trigonometry in other majors like physics that rely heavily on math. for instance, calculating the angles and distance between objects in space and also predicting the movement and orientation of an object.


Algebra and trigonometry are similar components students should not ignore. you can’t be successful at algebra only if you are successful too in trigonometry.

skipping on the topic will affect your grades and math level in the future and maybe make you go back to restudy again. So this is one of the mistakes many people make strictly you should avoid.