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Trigonometry vs calculus 

If you are asking what is the difference between trigonometry and calculus this is the right post for you.

 In this post, we’re going to discover how important geometry is for calculus and all the topics you would need to study for trigonometry to prepare for calculus.

and finally, know trigonometry is applied in each course. 

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Is trigonometry harder than calculus?

Calculus is more difficult than trigonometry because trigonometry represents a  small part of calculus. Typically students study trigonometry in their first classes in high school. Especially at the beginning of the geometry course, between 8 and 10 grades before knowing anything about calculus.

 Studying trigonometry is important to prepare students for advanced algebra courses like Algebra 2 and then precalculus, so finally being able to study calculus at college. Thus, trigonometry is just a small subject that you have to understand to prepare for bigger and more extensive courses like calculus.

Calculus courses are taught in the first years of college while trigonometry courses begin earlier than that, from 8 or 9 grade in high school. So there is a big difference and complexity between these topics.

 In addition, it is very difficult to compare trigonometry and calculus because all trigonometry courses are included in all calculus courses.

Meaning if you did not understand or study trigonometry you would fail in all calculus applications that relate to trigonometry. Especially trigonometric functions like Cosine and sine taught in calculus 1 and calculus 2.

Is trigonometry calculus

Trigonometry is not calculus, it is just a small subject that you will need to study to implement in calculus courses. In other words, just a topic or a  kind of subfield students would be using in calculus college courses.

Trigonometry is one of the subfields that belongs to algebra and geometry students take to prepare for calculus.

In the next paragraph, we’re going to discover how much trigonometry is in calculus courses to understand in detail about this subject. 

How much trigonometry is in calculus 

Trigonometry is included is included in the 5 following calculus topics:

So we will list how much trigonometry is included in each of these calculus topics:

1 – In precalculus

In the pre-calculus course, you’ll be studying and focusing a lot and trigonometry to build the foundations that are going to help you study advanced calculus courses like calculus 1 calculus 2, and calculus 3.

 In the precalculus calculus course you will be studying these trigonometry topics:

In high school precalculus courses professors focus to teach students to understand and absorb theses all topics because they know the importance of these subjects and how they would be included in future college calculus courses.

 so if you messed up in the precalculus trigonometry courses you will find a lot of difficulty in calculus College especially in dealing with trigonometry functions. for instance, you would not be able to:

So the golden time to build a solid foundation in trigonometry is in high school, especially in pre-calculus.

2 –  in calculus 1 

After finishing a precalculus course now, is the time to take Calculus 1 which is the first math calculus subject you would study in college. 

 In a calculus course, you will be going to apply all the topics and the rules you’ve learned in pre-calculus, especially trigonometric functions. For instance, determine the derivative of the following equation that you will see in the example below.

This is a simple example of a trigonometry equation you will be applying derivatives.

 In addition, you will not be using trigonometry also for derivatives. You would also need to use trigonometry integrals to calculate services and volumes like this example below:

3 – in calculus 2 

In calculus 2 you would be applying the same operations to calculus equations or functions as we have seen in the previous calculus example. but more emphasized and difficult ways. because calculus 2 it’s typically harder than calculus 1.

4 – multivariable and differential equations

Multivariable and differential equations are the last topics or courses you will take before getting your Bachelor’s. if you have decided to study math, engineering, or any other stem majors.

These are the most difficult calculus courses you will take. It also requires you to have a solid background and experience you acquired in previous courses like precalculus calculus 1 and calculus 2.

 for instance, in the differential equations, you will be solving complex equations that include all calculus Concepts we have mentioned mixed with trigonometry, and this is one example:


So as we have seen trigonometry is an essential subject for calculus you could not understand completely calculus without having solid foundations in trigonometry. unless you want to suffer for your next use of college. 

Is trigonometry important for calculus?

Trigonometry is very important for calculus, without trigonometry students will miss a lot of topics and be unable to solve a lot of equations and calculus functions.  Trigonometry represents one part of the ladder that students should stand on to reach advanced Math subjects like calculus and algebra.

Without trigonometry, we will not be able to solve a lot of differential equations, derivatives, and integrals in other words trigonometry are important for some advanced math topics like logarithm, Taylor series, complex numbers, and simplifying analytic integration.