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Is geometry useless 

If you are asking if geometry is useless I’m not this is the right post we will explain to you how much is geometry important and not use this as you may expect.

1 geometry is everywhere

Geometry is everywhere if you look around you, you will find tools and gadgets in every different shape. Everything has a form a given form that serves a certain purpose.

 For instance, you can ask yourself:

Geometry is not a just tool of decoration, it is a science that engineers take advantage of. For instance:

if you want to solidify a bridge or a structure the best thing to do is construct it like triangles or curved forms like you can see in the image below.

Even in nature like chemistry molecules have different forms or let’s just say geometrical forms which scientists differentiate each other. For instance, the water molecule is completely different from Other molecules like sodium we find in salt.

So geometry is an essential tool for engineers and scientists to create thanks to the technology that we employ today.

2 – geometry is used in engineering

 Geometry is the tool that helps engineers to make sure that the systems or machines they have built are designed correctly. 

For instance, if you look at the street or your house floor you will find the tiles or paves in such Harmony that give a beautiful appearance. Is that luck or something else behind it?

The other example of bridges, designing complex and innovative bridges with such a weird form is all based on geometry. Geometry breaks the chances making it possible to build weird brides and not fall.

For example and moreover, engineers use geometry to design the interior car design pieces of a car like chairs, speakers, etc, and make sure they fit into a car.

So Geometry is used in engineering to help create things like houses, bridges, and cars. Geometry is used to measure and design things so that they are the correct size and shape. 

3 – you are using it without noticing 

The other example of geometry use that you daily benefit from is Maps.  Almost every day we use techniques like GPS or read maps like the famous service Google Maps which is based totally on Geometry concepts.

 when you look at the map you are looking at geometrical shapes like line points and different forms that represent each part of the earth or the street on a small scale.

 So when you ask Google for the shortest path you should cross to reach your destination, Google uses geometry on its algorithm to calculate the possible and shortest distance to finally give you the best road to take.

The other example of geometry that each one applies in the house is :

when you move to a new apartment you tend to place furniture and organize them in the right way where each component fits and in the right place. So in this case your mind is unconsciously using geometry without realizing it.

4 it is useful for carpentry

The other useful application of geometry is in the carpentry domain. if you look at the wooden object in your house you will find each object with a different shape. Windows are different from doors and doors are different from cupboards.

carpenters use geometry rules like surfaces, perimeters, high, and weight to design and create these wooden objects. Having one mistake in calculating the door size or windows might well not be fitting in its place.

So carpenters use geometry to measure and cut wood in the right places to make the parts of windows or doors fit together respecting the right dimensions and also keeping them looking nice. So Geometry is really important in this kind of job.

5 – it useful for design

We talked about furniture and carpenters in the previous paragraph, but we didn’t mention who is responsible for designing the objects and how they design them which are engineers and designers.

So engineers and designers use geometry to calculate the distance and angles and other properties of the objects. 

For instance, in the aluminum and steel windows, engineers let some tiny distances between joinings to lets a metal expand in hot environments and get shrink in cold environments. All these operations require delicate geometry operations.

In other words, if the geometric calculations are wrong the windows will bend expanding in hot times and shrinking in cold ones. 

6 – it prepares students for advanced courses

If you are still a student, in high school you have to know that geometry course is important as well as algebra courses.

 After finishing the algebra 1-course students have to take geometry to prepare for Algebra 2 courses that include trigonometry and other aspect or topics requiring solid preparation in geometry.

 So if you didn’t take a geometry course you would have some trouble in Algebra 2 course, especially in trigonometry which is required in the follwoing math courses like precalculus or furthermore in college studying calculus. 

so Geometry is so important to prepare students for studying trigonometry courses which are included in all college math subjects Nike linear algebra calculus and differential equations. which all branches require to complete. 

7 – geometry is useful for art

Geometry is often used in art, specifically when it comes to creating perspective drawings. By understanding the principles of geometry, artists can create the illusion of depth and three-dimensional space on a two-dimensional surface. Additionally, geometry can be used to create interesting and intricate designs that add visual interest to a work of art.

For example, if you wanted to create a 3D effect in your artwork, you could use geometry to create shapes that would look like they are popping out of the page.