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Is there algebra 4!!!

In this post we’ll be talking about the course of Algebra 4, most people get confused about that. Because typically students study until Algebra 2 or even 3 in some cases. But what about Algebra 4?

Is there Algebra 4

There is no such thing as Algebra 4. The principal algebra courses are Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 students study in high school. At the college level students take Advanced algebra courses like linear algebra, abstract algebra, and commutative algebra.

But you might find some courses that divide algebra courses into a lot of parts. For instance,  instead of grouping all the Algebra 1 courses in Algebra 1, they divide Algebra 1 into parts like Algebra 2 or maybe more.

At the same time in the Algebra 2 course,  many schools divide this course into parts Algebra 2 algebra 3, and even Algebra 4. Algebra 3 is popular, you can find it in many schools, but it is very weird to find Algebra 4.

in Algebra 4 you will find it is just an extension of Algebra two courses, including trigonometry matrices sequences and series and advanced functions like logarithms, polynomial and exponential functions 

For instance, in some schools you can find the Algebra 3 Program which is just  the second part of the Algebra 2 curriculum, in algebra 3 student study the following topics:

  1. equations and inequalities 
  2. equations and graphs
  3. quadratic functions and equations, 
  4. polynomial functions 
  5. radical functions 
  6. exponents
  7. exponential logarithmic functions
  8. sequences and series
  9. trigonometry
  10. matrices

So it is probably that you find these topics in most Algebra 4 courses you stumble into. More or less.

Is Algebra 4 hard

All the courses in algebra are not very hard including Algebra 4, But they are still the most difficult high school algebra classes students will take.  Typically students study principal algebra core Algebra 1 and Algebra 2, the algebra 4 would be just an extension of a single and part of Algebra 2 classes.

An algebra 4 you are likely to study the following topics

  1. Functions
  2. matrices
  3. Sequences and series
  4.  trigonometry

You have to understand The algebra 4 topics vary between each School. You may find some additional topics that we didn’t mention, or in other schools, you will be accepted to study one of these topics.

 so finally it depends on the school you are enrolling in. But the surest thing is thanks that the algebra for topics belonged to the principal Algebra 2 course you will find in this link.

1 – Functions

There are four principal types of functions that you would be discovering in algebra courses including algebra:

  1. Polynomial functions
  2. rational of functions
  3. logarithmic functions
  4. Exponential functions
  5. trigonometric functions

 polynomial functions are all functions is all functions that are written like this form below:

ax + b  for instance   5x² +1 

rational functions are written in this form below: 

x+1 /x-1 

logarithm functions are written in this form below:

log (x +1) 

trigonometric functions have multiple forms like:

  • sin(x)
  • cos(x)
  • tang(x)

These five functions are the most interesting functions you have to focus on studying algebra. You would be using these functions in all upcoming mathematics courses including linear algebra and calculus.

2 – matrices

To have a complete idea about what are matrices we will recommend taking a look at this video below:

3 –  trigonometry

Trigonometry is one of the most important subjects you have to focus on in the algebra 4 courses. Trigonometry is widely used in college math courses like calculus and college algebra.  In trigonometry courses, you have to be good at dealing with trigonometric functions like cosine sine.

In the Trigonometric  course you have to focus on the principal subtopics:

  1. Unit circle introduction
  2. Radians
  3. The Pythagorean identity
  4. Trigonometric values of special angles
  5. Graphs of sin(x), cos(x), and tan(x)
  6. Amplitude, midline and period
  7. Transforming sinusoidal graphs
  8. Graphing sinusoidal functions
  9. Sinusoidal models

What comes after Algebra 4

Algebra 4 is the last course in a Senior High School program, The Next Step would be to take a precalculus course. You could take it in high school or in your first year of college, especially if you are interested in engineering physics, mathematics, or computer science.

Some students take honors calculus or AP Calculus courses in high school to Earn some credits for college courses. You can discover more about the difference between honors calculus and AP Calculus in this link and what they serve. 

 but if you are interested in taking other majors like business, economics, and psychology you will not be required to take more than Algebra 4 or even less of the course, they are way more than enough.

 You could take a pre-calculus course in high school which is highly recommended, then in college, you would have to complete advanced math courses like calculus and linear algebra.

 For instance, if you are studying engineering physics mathematics, or computer science major you would be required to complete these 3 calculus courses in your first  three semesters:

  1.  Calculus 1 in the first semester
  2.  Calculus 2 in the second semester
  3.  Calculus 3 in the second year, first semester

You would only have to complete a college algebra course maybe in your first or second year of college depending on the major you choose. In addition to differential equations and linear algebra as the most advanced courses in your bachelor’s program.


You have to understand that Algebra  4 officially is not existing; you can only find some High School courses that name it as an extension or an individual part that belongs to Algebra 2.

If you absorb the context of Algebra 2 You Are in a good position to take the Second Step which is precalculus and calculus in college.