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Yes trigonometry is used in computer science

Trigonometry is important and required in computer science, as a computer science student you will be required to complete college calculus courses, like calculus 1, calculus 2, and multivariable calculus, all of these topics include trigonometry.

Not only that, in algebra courses like college and linear algebra trigonometry is also included. Trigonometry is required for all stem students not only computer science students.

you have to consider that trigonometry is like the arithmetics that we use in our life such as addition, subtraction, or multiplication. So you have to be intuitive with trigonometry topics, especially in college.

The best thing to do is to prepare and study hard in algebra 2 and pre-calculus courses before things get tough at college.

how trigonometry is used in computer science

Trigonometry will not end up in college, it is used in most of the computer science branches.

we’ll list the principal 7 areas of computer science where trigonometry is employed:

1 – Computer graphics

Trigonometry is important in computer graphics, it helps to create accurate images by determining the all of image’s properties like:

All the software that works on graphics uses trigonometry equations in their algorithms to edit and enhance the image quality.  As a result, allowing to create realistic images that don’t have any distortions or stretching objects. 

For instance, All the software devices used trigonometric equations to determine the position of each point on the screen and determine the angle and the distance between these points or pixels.

trigonometry is used to create 3D or 2D graphics like what we see in cartoon films. All are included in the games that we play with our devices such as computers or smartphones.

2 –  it used in calculus

if you are a student you will be taking a lot of calculus subejcts in computer science which trigonometry involves. In other words, all the calculus courses that students take in college have embedded trigonometry topics.

Calculus is important in computer science because it is used in many areas of this industry from designing computer hardware to software systems. Additionally, calculus is also used to model and optimize systems. 

So it is impossible to understand calculus without studying trigonometry. In addition, trigonometry is also included in other math subjects like linear algebra which is critical and important if you want to major in network systems and focus on search engines.

3 – Numerical simulation

when we talk about numerical simulation we talk about all the softwares that we use to simulate real-life applications. It includes all the softwares that use physics and math equations like apps such as games or design softwares like Photoshop, adobe, etc.

So as we said softwares are using numerical simulation systems which are math equations that include trigonometry It makes calculations and predictions to create or makes your design properly and have correct rates or measures. 

For instance, mechanical engineers use software simulations like CAD or Solidwork, these softwares are dedicated to designing 3d objects for the manufacturing industry. In addition building mobile simulations to predict how the object is moving and doing under certain conditions like weight, temperature, pressure, etc.

4 – Computer vision

 In computer vision trigonometry has many applications the most famous application applications of trigonometry is:

In fashion recognition, the algorithm Split the human face into a group of triangles and finds patterns between these triangles to finally store in its database. 

When the user approached his face to a camera the fascial recognition algorithm compares these triangles or patterns between the original ones stored on its database to give access to a user if these patterns are similar.

In object recognition, things are a little bit different. In object recognition, an algorithm computer uses trigonometry equations to analyze shapes and forms and give them numerical patterns. 

This is what makes sophisticated computers today recognize different shapes and models like the ones installed in street or even in self-drive cares like tesla.

5 – Robotics

 In robotics which is the field of computer science, trigonometry is also involved in this domain. Today’s robots use algorithms that are based on trigonometric equations that calculate angles and distances to ensure the fluent movement of a robot and enhance productivity in manufacturing settings.

For example robot arms can make their own calculations to find the shortest path to reach a certain point.  So instead of picking an object in  15 seconds, a robot can find another way to pick it in just 10-second which increases productivity.

6 – computer hardware  

Students, who are going to specialize in Engineers working in computer hardware have to know the importance of trigonometry, especially in domains that relate to electrical engineering and computer hardware.

For instance in computer science engineers design and improve electronics boards by making a group for mathematics calculations that include trigonometry, especially periodic functions like cosine and sine.

 This part is so important to empower electronic Design Systems, in other words, designing Power Systems such as your smartphone charger or power systems that run computers.

On the other side, there is another use of Trigonometry in computer hardware that relates to signal analysis. For instance when you ask a voice assistant like Siri, or Alexa the algorithms that understand your talk use trigonometric equations, especially the famous ones like Fourier transform.

7 – app development 

In the app, development trigonometry is used widely, especially in graphic app softwares. For instance the famous ones like Photoshop or Adobe.

 If you arrived to look at the background of these programs you will find a lot of libraries there that embed a lot of trigonometry equations to finally allow you to edit your image and benefit and Maze these programs can offer.

To give a simple example, when you try to draw a circle in Photoshop or any other app it automatically uses trigonometry equations to help you create this circle. 

Another famous use of trigonometry is in game development, gamers use a lot of apps that have trigonometry equations to help them move their characters at a certain speed and in the way they want.

So trigonometry is included in all apps that have some kind of motion all animations which are the most famous and successful apps in the world.